Summer Styling: Interesting Pet Clips to Consider


Summer Styling: Interesting Pet Clips to Consider

If you own a coated breed there are plenty of interesting clips you can try on your pet. Below we have selected our favourite quirky styles that are a little more exciting than your average clip…

Lion Cut

The lion cut is a popular style for both cats and dogs, and is especially popular in summer as it can help pets stay cool in hot weather. It is also ideal for pets suffering from matting. A lion cut involves shaving the whole coat very close, leaving longer hair on the leg and head only, as well as a pompom on the tail.

The Poodlington

This style fuses the traditional Beddlington style clip with that of a Poodle (although it could be adapted to suit any woolly coat type). This involves a blended body and legs with a closely cut tail, along with the distinctive Beddlington head shape – closely shaved ears with tassels and a clipped lamb’s face.

Asian Style Grooming

These styles take traditional breed standard trims from the UK and combine them with the dynamic, adventurous grooming trends currently emerging from Japan, Korea and Taiwan. Styles often include short, round faces and muzzles, round ears set high on the head and rounded, volumised trousers and leg furnishings.

These are all challenging styles that are not suitable for beginners, and are best left to your professional groomer. There are many groomers specialising in these trims, Pammie Carmichael-Hogg for example is well known for her love of Asian styles. You could even ask your groomer what they would recommend – perhaps they have some ideas on creative colour or patterned trims that could work well with your pet.

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