Summer Nutrition Support for Equines


A grass-based diet is typical for equines in summer, and can provide all the nutritional support a healthy horse needs. However, just a few very hot or dry weeks can leave our grass parched, and over time its nutritional integrity may diminish. You also need to ask yourself at this time of year how varied the grass in your pasture actually is. Ideally, your horse needs a wide variety of grasses, clover, herbs and shrubs to gain all the vitamins and minerals it needs from grazing. Supplements can help if you are concerned here.

What to Give

  • Salt licks and electrolytes are perhaps the most vital supplement to provide in summer, as horses lose a lot of salt through sweating. Keep a salt lick in the field and in the stable, so your horse can supplement itself as much as necessary. An active horse will also benefit from electrolytes during a heat wave.
  • Probiotics and yeast could benefit an active horse. Extremes of temperature can over stress the equine bowel, depleting your horse’s intestinal microbial population, which over an extended period can affect condition. Probiotics and yeast provide additional proteins, energy and vitamins to counter this.
  • Supplementary hay is important if your pasture is looking particularly dry. If in doubt, offer a little hay first – your horse is likely to ignore it if they do not need it.

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