How Often Should you Groom Your Dog?

We all know it is important to groom our dogs regularly at home as well as at professional grooming sessions, but just how much should you really be doing? Here is our guide to home grooming by coat type:

Smooth Coats

Use a Zoom Groom or a Furminator once a week for approximately ten minutes to remove any loose hair and distribute coat oils.

Long Coats

Work methodically thorough the coat once a week, but beware that time needs to be set aside for the groom and it should not be completed in a hurry. Use a slicker or a pin brush followed by a combination comb to check you have removed all knots and dead hair.

Wire Coats

These breeds require a thorough brush once a week with a slicker brush followed by a comb to check all knots and dead hair have been removed.

Woolly Coats

These coats are the most challenging as they can matt very quickly. Damp weather can cause matting, as well as playing/rolling/swimming, almost any activity in fact where the coat is disturbed can cause friction and matting. Regular brushing is required around three times a week to keep a wool coat matt free. Use a slicker brush followed by a combination comb.


In addition, all coats can benefit from the use of conditioning sprays such as Groomers EPO Spray prior to grooming. Spritz the coat 20 minutes before grooming and it will help the equipment glide through the coat easier, making the grooming process more enjoyable for the dog and prevent damage to the coat.

Finally, be aware that a young coat on dogs under 18 months old is a lot finer and softer, and has a tendency to matt more easily than an adult dog’s coat. It is therefore important to double the above requirements for an adult coat when dealing with puppies.

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