Top 5 Tips for Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Matt Free


Matts are solid clumps of fur that can form anywhere on your pet, but are usually found around the ears, the armpits, legs, the groin area and between the toes. Dogs with long, woolly or silky coats are more prone to develop matting. Follow our top tips for keeping your dog’s coat matt free:

  1. Tailor your tools for your dog’s coat. Different coat types have different needs, so ask your professional groomer what tools are best for your dog’s coat type, and if they have any useful tips/techniques they could pass on to you too.
  2. Brush out any matts before bathing – bathing the coat will cause any matts and tangles to tighten further, making them more difficult to remove.
  3. Spray the coat fully with detangling solution and leave on the coat for a good 30 minutes before grooming. This will allow your tools to glide through the coat easily, causing less damage.
  4. Bathe using a special purpose shampoo such as Groomers Detangle, which is formulated to leave a trace of slip agent in the coat to ease out knots when bathing and deter future tangles. Also, ensure you rinse the coat thoroughly, as any trace of conditioner or shampoo suds can encourage further tangles, and could also irritate your dog’s skin, causing itching and further aggravation to the coat.
  5. Use a Groomers Aquasorb instead of a regular towel after bathing – this will absorb water rapidly with less rubbing.

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