Top 5 Tips for Improving Customer Retention


Grooming can be a competitive business – keep your customers coming back regularly with these top five tips for improving customer retention:

  1. Keep an open dialogue with customers to ensure that they are happy. Have consultations before each groom and summarise the work you have completed afterward. Communicate any aftercare or coat maintenance needed by the owner at home, and ensure you call them mid-groom if you need to take urgent action such as a clip off.
  2. Book repeat appointments when customers come to collect their dog. If you leave it to the customer, they may leave it too long or request an appointment at short notice, forcing them to look elsewhere if you are busy.
  3. Show interest in each client and his or her dog. Remember the dog’s name, say hello to it, and ask if you can use pictures of grooms on social networking sites or your website. This is a real compliment for most dog owners, and will build a positive relationship between the two of you.
  4. Set up a loyalty scheme. Try loyalty cards that offer discounts on grooms, multi-dog discounts or perhaps offer a free brush out or nail clips for regular customers. Monthly e-newsletters or social media posts will help keep customers updated on seasonal discounts.
  5. Offer additional services to make your salon stand out from the crowd. Offer home visits, spa-style grooming, or perhaps expand your services to other pets such as cats to offer as much to customers as possible.

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