More Must See Horse Events


We are lucky to have such an active, prolific equestrian calendar here in the UK, but what are the key events that every horse lover should experience at least once in their lifetime? Last time we covered The Hickstead Derby, The Grand National, The Kentucky Derby, Badminton Horse Trials and The Olympics, but there are few more exciting events to experience.  Here is our selection of five more must see events from the international equestrian calendar:

  1.      Royal Ascot. Founded by Queen Anne, Ascot dates back to 1711, and is still popular with royals, who attend the event every year. Ascot is filled with pageantry and excitement, with the style of ladies day and the royal procession being particularly notable.
  2.      The Epsom Derby. This group 1 flat race held annually in early June is Britain’s richest horse race, and the most prestigious of the country’s five classics. Sometimes referred to as the Blue Riband of the turf, this exciting event is a part of British tradition, with its popular fair steeped in history.
  3.      Olympia. Otherwise known as the London International Horse Show, Olympia plays host to many of the world’s top show jumpers. Often referred to as the equestrian world’s Christmas party, the event is held in December every year, and offers a great opportunity to shop, socialise and celebrate.
  4.      The Boxing Day Hunt. Hunting is more popular than ever in spite of the hunting ban, with hundreds of active hunts across the country, following artificially lead trails. The combination of rural life, rich tradition and the exhilarating ride makes the hunt a must see (or ideally do) equestrian event.
  5.      HOYS. The Horse of the Year Show is a unique indoor event, which is the culmination of the British equestrian calendar. Perhaps the most famous horse show in the world, HOYS welcomes over 1,500 horses and 35,000 spectators every year, and is host to a spectacular gala performance on closing night.

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