Handy Hints for Keeping Your Dog’s Coat Clean


Keep your dog’s coat clean, shiny and fresh with our useful advice straight from professional groomers:

  1.      Shampoo and condition every time you bathe, regardless of coat type. All dogs need an application of conditioner after shampooing to keep the coat cleaner for longer. Conditioner not only benefits coat health but skin health too, as it replaces the natural oils removed from the coat during bathing. If these oils are not replaced the skin can produce too much sebum, resulting in a smelly, greasy coat very quickly after bathing.
  2. Spot clean regularly. Clean any problem areas as soon as they occur by brushing off the worst of the dirt (if dry) and then use a waterless shampoo. Try spraying a little Groomers Quick Wash on to an Aquasorb towel or similar and wiping down any dirty areas quickly and easily.
  3.       Protect key problem areas. Perhaps your dog has a key area that gets dirty quickly – protect these areas with specialised products. Try a Slobber Stopper Bib if your dog has a tendency to drool, or some reusable plastic wraps to keep longer hair off the ground.
  4.       Try a fully body coat. Ideal for wet weather walks, this coat protects your dog literally from head to foot, offering total protection from water and mud, keeping coats pristine.
  5.       Protect paws. Try utilising dog boots such as these by Pawz to keep feet clean and dry. They are particularly good at protecting feet from dusty, gritty or muddy terrain, and are also ideal for sensitive paws.

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