Clipper Blade Guide for Pet Owners


Understand key clipper blade terminology and make the right equipment decisions for your pet with our handy bullet point guide:

  • Snap-on/universal blades fit most types of clipper and attach easily with a simply snap-on mechanism.
  • Skip tooth blades feature both long and short teeth for a more natural, layered cut and are also good for cutting through matts.
  • A finishing blade or an “F” blade gives a smoother finish to the coat, and is often used at the end of a groom.
  • Ceramic blades are made with a special ceramic top blade that keeps the blade cooler during clipping and reduces the risk of clipper burn.
  • A toe blade features a narrow head for trimming between the toes, and is usually used by professionals only.
  • #10 blades are a good all-round blades offering a close trim. Most clipper blades come with a #10 blade as standard.
  • #7 blades are good for cutting through thick or heavily matted coats.
  • Attachment combs are used over blades to adjust the cutting length. Use with a #10, #15 or #30 blade only.
  • With blade sizes, remember – the lower the number, the longer the blade; the higher the number, the shorter the blade will clip.

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