10 Reasons to Attend Professional Grooming Events

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Dog grooming is a highly rewarding career in a growing industry, but it is also complex and evolving, with new techniques, ideas and products constantly emerging. Attending professional grooming events can help here.

Professional grooming events can:

  1. Allow you to develop new skills and techniques you can easily transfer to a salon setting.
  2. Give you a forum to question and resolve any issues you may have been having, from breed specific trims to pricing.
  3. Give you the opportunity to meet and learn from industry professionals at the height of their careers.
  4. Keep you up to date with new industry trends and techniques.
  5. Allow you to learn about innovative new products.
  6. Give you the chance to socialise with other professionals. Many groomers work alone, so these opportunities can provide a much-needed change of pace.
  7. Allow you to recruit new talent. If you are looking to expand your business, professional events can be a great starting point as there are often many students and fledging groomer attendees.
  8. Help you discover new lines and suppliers, ideal if you are a larger business or if you have a boutique or similar as part of your salon.
  9. Start relationships with new people that could lead to new opportunities, joint ventures or referrals in the future.
  10. Give you motivation. Being surrounded by like-minded professionals can be great catalyst to get new plans off the ground.

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