Uniform Updating – Ideas for Grooming Salon Uniforms

Uniforms can be a great idea for any professional grooming salon, and are certainly a worthwhile consideration, especially if your salon is expanding.

The benefits of introducing a salon uniform are as follows:

  1. Uniforms allow customers to quickly and easily identify who works at your salon.
  2. Uniforms are good for your employees – they keep their own clothes protected, and ensures they will always have suitable clothes for the work they are doing.
  3. Uniforms are good for strengthening your brand. You can pick colour combinations that reflect the style of your salon, and you can also have your salon logo embroidered on all uniform items. Click here for more details on how to do this.
  4. Uniforms can encourage a team mentality with your employees and can even increase company loyalty.
  5. Uniforms can enhance your professional image and increase consumer trust in your business.

Uniform Ideas and Considerations

If you do decide to invest in a company uniform, it is important to ensure that the clothes you choose are fit for purpose. Yes, style is important, but if a uniform is badly designed, it could stop you and your employees from working properly. When choosing a uniform for your salon, ensure nothing is too tight or restrictive. Items should also be easy to wash, and they should ideally be hair, stain and water-resistant.

Uniforms can also be expensive – you may have to buy items for a number of employees, which will need replacing periodically. Many employees will also want spare items so they can have one item to wear and one item to wash. You could also consider investing in more simple items of workwear – a uniform apron, for example, will create a brand message, will make employees easy to identify, and will also protect clothing.

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