Top 5 Tips for Speedy Poodle Grooming

Groom Poodles to perfection quickly and easily with our top five time saving tips:


1. Ensure you thoroughly rinse the coat of all shampoo, as any residue will increase drying time.


2. Avoid using conditioners if possible, as they weigh the coat down and make achieving a quality finish more challenging and time consuming.


3. Ensure you are well prepared with the correct equipment for fluff drying – use Groomers Metal Combination Comb to ensure you remove all knots, then follow with a ShowTech Ultra Aluminium Comb that will lift the coat for scissoring. Finally, use a Groomers Slicker Brush to ensure the coat is straight.


4. When clipping, try to get into the habit of completing three passes with your comb through the coat in-between clipping for a quick finish.


5. Keep to a routine with both bathing and trimming – this will speed up your skills and will ensure your Poodle clients get used to the grooming process quickly.

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