Top 5 Tips for Canine Teeth Cleaning

1. Introduce your dog to the sensation of teeth cleaning by simply massaging your dog’s lips for a few minutes, followed by using your fingers to brush along his teeth and gums. After this, you could try using a finger brush, and then finally move on to a full toothbrush.


2. Start cleaning your dog’s teeth as early as possible. By doing this, he will have better oral hygiene right from the start of life, and will acclimatise to the process early on too.


3. Always use toothpaste designed for dogs. Human toothpaste contains fluoride, which can be dangerous for canines, plus dogs do not like the minty taste. Canine toothpaste is typically meat flavoured, and most importantly is designed for the needs of canine teeth.


4. Brush in small, circular motions – do not scrub back and forth. It is also a good idea to push the toothpaste into the bristles so it doesn’t fall off the brush.


5. Do not worry too much if you cannot reach the inside of your dog’s teeth – this side of his teeth actually stay quite clean because they are in regular contact with your dog’s saliva. Instead, focus on cleaning the top of your dog’s teeth, and the sides of the teeth that touch his cheek.


Remember to introduce the process of teeth cleaning in a gentle fashion – just a minute or so should suffice initially. Try to pick a time when your dog is relaxed – after a walk if possible. Once you are both familiar with the process try to clean your dog’s teeth at least once a week. You can also supplement your dog’s oral hygiene routine with chew toys, treats and water additives.


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