Top 10 Badminton Horse Trial Facts

  1. The first Badminton was held in 1949. 22 horses from Britain and Ireland entered the competition, but only 14 finished.
  2. The first ever Badminton was won by Golden Willow. He was also the youngest horse to ever win the competition at five years old.
  3. Badminton was held at Windsor castle for one year in 1955 at invitation of the Queen.
  4. The competition was first televised in 1956.
  5. Badminton has been cancelled five times, most recently in 2012 due to bad weather in the run-up to the event.
  6. Badminton attracts crowds of up to 250,000, and is the second largest paid entry sporting event in the world.
  7. The oldest horse to win Badminton was Horton Point in 1994. He was 16 years old at the time.
  8. In the early years of the event, many horses and riders arrived at the trials by train.
  9. The Armada Dish is awarded to any rider who competes in the trialsfive times.
  10. Lorna Cloke (nee Sutherland) holds the record for appearances at Badminton, competing 23 times in total.

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