Keeping Your Dog Active

Keeping your pet active is vital for their health – it will help keep them at a healthy weight, aid with bonding and behaviour, and will also be beneficial for your own health too. Here are our top tips for keeping dogs active:

  •        As well as the standard two walks per day, involve a little active play in your daily routine. Take a toy with you to play fetch, or perhaps a clicker tool for some training.
  •         Find somewhere local where your dog can swim to give them a varied full body workout.
  •        Try to get out to a larger park or the countryside at least once a week, where you can have long off-lead walk, offering your dog the opportunity to explore and run.
  •         Play inside on rainy days. Tug toys are ideal for inside play as they teach self-control, and offer both energetic play and mental stimulation. You could also play fetch with a soft ball toy if there is space.
  •        Keep it interesting by varying/rotating toys. Groomers currently have a number of dog toys available that are ideal for active play.

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