How to Keep Your House Cat Happy


There are many reasons why cat owners choose to keep their pets inside – close proximity to a busy road, living in a flat, moving house – the list goes on. While many cats can live happy lives indoors, it is important to ensure they have adequate daily stimulation, otherwise they can become bored, overweight, and even depressed.

Here are our top tips for keeping your house cat happy:

  • Offer plenty of toys and keep them in regular rotation. Cats will get bored of the same toys after a few weeks, so keep some toys hidden and supplement them from time to time.
  • Create a window seat where they can watch the outside world. Make it comfortable and safe – perhaps try putting a bird feeder near the outside of the window for added entertainment value.
  • Try out some cat media. There are plenty of mobile and tablet games designed specifically with cats in mind, or you could try cat DVDs or TV channels, which many cats find very stimulating.
  • Bring the outdoors indoors. Have a few plants dotted about the house, and maybe try some catnip or cat grass on a sunny windowsill.
  • Make feeding time a challenge. Hide food in accessible boxes around the house for your cat to find to encourage his hunting instincts.
  • Invest in interactive furniture. Cat castles/towers/climbing frames are ideal for indoor cats. They allow the opportunity to be high up, which all cats love, plus they can climb and be active.
  • Make time to play with your cat. Simply leaving toys out for him is not always enough – sometimes they need the added stimulation of a playmate. Playing with your cat also gives you the opportunity to bond too.

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