Extra Services Grooming Salons can Offer Their Clients


Offering great grooms is the key foundation to any good grooming business, but there are many additional services you can offer to clients, making your salon stand out from the crowd. Here are our top tips for additional grooming services:

  • Puppy grooming training. Offering a specialised service for puppies will be very popular, and could set you up with clients for life. When doing puppy grooming sessions, ensure you keep them warm, comfortable and secure, and teach them how to have their feet picked up, their teeth examined and their heads held. You should also get them acclimatised to tools such as blasters and clippers.
  • Free nail clip/brush out for regular clients. This is a very attractive service to owners, especially those with high maintenance breeds. Ideal for keeping regular clients happy.
  • Home visits. Perfect for mature or infirm animals who cannot travel, but you will need to set yourself up with a mobile grooming kit to make this work. Invest in one of our new grooming trolleys to transport your equipment in style.
  • Groom your own dog tutorials. These are ideal for high maintenance breeds or owners who are new to dog grooming, and you can tailor for each individual as necessary.
  • Spa services. For those who want a little luxury for their pet, services such as hydrotherapy and massage can be very attractive. Try The Complete Dog Massage Manual for hints and tips with this.
  • Show grooming. You may find it very lucrative to offer grooming for show, but you must really hone your skills first, and perhaps specialise in a small selection of breeds only to ensure a first class groom.
  • Wash stations/bays. These can be a nice little earner if you salon is larger enough. Ensure each wash station is fully kitted out with towels and shampoos so customers have everything they need.
  • Expand to other pets. Cat grooming services are increasingly popular, and you may find there is a market for small animal grooming such as rabbits too.

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