Preparing the Coat for Summer Show Season

Now is the time to start preparing for a sleek, glossy coat that will really turn heads in the show ring. If you want your horse to be the best turned out, follow our top 10 tips for effective coat prep.

  1. Clip or trim your horse’s coat to keep it looking tidy. Concentrate on fetlocks, as well as longer areas on the muzzle, face, ears and throat.
  2. Keep on top of shedding. Start using a curry comb now to remove any loosing hair.
  3. Spend time brushing the dock of your horse’s tail regularly to stimulate hair growth and distribute natural oils for a fuller, healthier tail.
  4. Use a detangling spray regularly on mane and tail in the run up to showing season to ensure regular brushing will not strip the tail. Keep detangling sprays away from the saddle area however, otherwise you may have an issue with saddle or saddle pad slippage.
  5. Employ Groomers Crystal Gleam sparingly for a conditioned finish, or for a really high shine spray over the coat and the cover with a hot towel. Use this spray all over the coat for effective results without any tacky, oily residue.
  6. Consider using supplements that really benefit coat health from the inside. Try a supplement with biotin, flaxseed oil, or oils rich in fatty acids, such as evening primrose oil.
  7. Use a whitening shampoo to keep white coats really white. Try Groomers Equine Blue Pearl Coat Enhancing Shampoo, which has a whitening agent perfect for keeping white socks white.
  8. Keep full bathing to a minimum before a show, as this can dull the coat. Spot clean specific areas instead, or use a curry comb to remove dry mud and dirt.
  9. Clip three to four days before a show to allow any clipper marks to grow out.
  10. Trim excess hair after banding to give your plaits a precise look. You could also use Groomers Plait ‘n’ Go to train unruly manes, enabling crisp plaits without breakage.

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