Need New Clippers? The Pros and Cons of Going Brushless

A new wave of professional clippers has entered the market in 2014 – those with brushless motors. But are they right for you? Let’s look at the pros and cons of going brushless.

The Pros

Extended motor life is the greatest benefit with brushless clippers. Brushless motors offer up to 10,000 hours operation, versus the typical 1000 hours life of a traditional clipper. Brushless motors feature no carbon brushes or physical commutators for a more reliable tool, offering greater motor efficiency and less maintenance than conventional clippers.

Here are some of the other benefits of brushless clippers:

  • Brushless clippers offer a better power transfer and current draw than standard clipper motors, meaning reduced heat development and longer battery life in cordless clippers
  • No brushless equals less servicing and replaceable parts
  • Better power transfer equals faster clipping and more torque
  • High torque combined with the low vibration motor also offers powerful, efficient cutting – perfect for working on thick coats
  • Most models remains as lightweight as regular clippers and feature ergonomic designs for comfortable use
  • Most models offer perceptibly quiet running

The Cons

There are few potentially negative elements of using brushless clippers however, so you may also like to consider these elements:

  • There are only a few brushless clippers on the market at present, which means choice is somewhat limited if you are after a certain brand or style of clipper
  • The high torque, high power motor may take a little while to get used to, and it may be difficult to get a really smooth quality finish on certain coats
  • Brushless clippers can be more expensive than regular clippers, however their longevity arguably makes them a worthwhile investment

Ultimately, the choice of clipper is always down to individual preference, but brushless clippers are certainly a worthwhile consideration for the serious professional groomer.

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