Festival of Grooming Additional Speakers


Monique van de Ven

Monique is a celebrated grooming expert and compelling speaker with over 40 years’ experience in the grooming industry. She has worked in various environments, from practical work in grooming salons to producing radio programmes on animal management. At present she is an inspiring educator, who has spent the past 20 years with the renowned Iv San Bernard brand, working to educate professional groomers on the science behind their trade.

In her Festival of Grooming talk, Monique will discuss in depth the science of canine skin, focusing on the individual structure and behaviours of various canine skin and coat types. She will explain how grooming directly affects skin and coat health, and the importance of accurate grooming using her mantra hygiene = health = beauty.

Sarah Orchard

Sarah is an independent marketing consultant, and is also Vice Chair and Small Business Champion at the Charted Institute of Marketing, the world’s leading professional marketing body. Through her work she aims to help small but ambitious business grow quicker, offering them invaluable advice towards being more successful, with more profit and a loyal customer base.

Sarah’s talk at the Festival will specialise in small business marketing strategy, online presence and social media. She has a wealth of practical business knowledge, offering innovative new ideas to get new businesses off the ground, or increase and improve the reach of existing salons.

Gillian Higgins

Gillian is an anatomist, sports therapist, and author of five books. Gillian began her fascinating work with equines, creating highly detailed illustrations of both the skeleton and internal organs directly on live animals.

For the first time at the Festival of Grooming, Gillian will be transfer this knowledge to canine anatomy. Her talk will offer an in-depth study of the inner workings of dogs to give grooming professionals, therapists and owners a thorough understanding of canine biomechanics and physiology in a practical way.

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