Do’s and Dont’s for Bathing at Home

Keep your pets healthy, hygienic and well groomed by following these simple rules:


• Do gather all the tools you will need together before you start. Having shampoos and conditioners, brushes, combs and towels to hand will make the whole bathing process quicker and easier.
• Do have a happy, positive attitude throughout the process. Your pet will sense your mood, so being enthusiastic about bath time is a must. Also, ensure you offer praise and treats for good behaviour.
• Do introduce puppies to bathing early on, but ensure you use only little water warm water to start with.
• Do tailor shampoos to coat type. All-purpose shampoos are great, but certain coats can really benefit from tailored shampoos, such as shampoo for sensitive skin, or colour enhancing formulas for dark coats.
• Do use your fingers to massage in product, as this can alert you to skin problems or any questionable lumps and bumps quickly.
• Do leave shampoos and conditioners on the coats for couple for minutes before rinsing to gain the full benefit of all the ingredients.
• Do rinse the coat thoroughly, as product residue can leave coats looking dull.
• Do wear protective clothing when bathing cats – use long gloves, or invest in a cat bathing bag to keep you safe from claws.


• Don’t try to lift very heavy dogs directly into the tub as this could strain your back. If you own a larger dog invest in some bath steps, or try bathing them in a walk in shower if available.
• Don’t forget to brush before bathing. Any matts or tangles in your dog’s coat will become tighter in the water, so ensure you comb out any problematic areas before you start.
• Don’t bathe your dog in hot or cold water – lukewarm is most suitable.
• Don’t splash or pour water directly over your dog’s face – instead use a cloth or sponge to cleanse this area directly.
• Don’t use human shampoo as this is not suitable for canine hair and skin.
• Don’t skip conditioning treatments with short coats. These coats need an application of conditioner after shampoo to replenish coat oils for healthy coat and skin.
• Don’t rub the coat dry, instead blot with an absorbent towel, and ideally dry with a suitable hair dryer/blaster.
• Don’t forget about styling products. This can offer an added professional finishing touch, from smoothing static to giving the coat extra shine.

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