Choosing the Right Clippers for Your Pet

There are various considerations when choosing a clipper or trimmer for your dog. There are many models, brand and clipper types to choose from – Groomers alone stocks over 40 individual clippers and trimmers!
When choosing a clipping tool for home use, it is worthwhile purchasing the best quality you can afford, as these tools will last longer and perform better. However, the kind of clippers you need does also depend of the type of clipping you will be doing:


• If you need a tool to simply neaten your dog’s coat occasionally, some inexpensive pet clippers or trimmers will do just fine. Try the Wahl Multi-Cut Clippers, which include a handy kit with everything needed to clip quickly and easily at home.
• If you want to maintain your dog’s coat regularly between professional grooming sessions, a good quality pet clipper such as the Andis Pro Pet is better suited, as this offers more power, enough to complete a whole clip if necessary.
• If you want to groom your dog at home with no professional assistance, or your dog has a high maintenance coat (woolly or longer coat types for example), you should really invest in a professional standard clipper that will stand up to regular use and allow you to create a consistent, quality finish.


Other Elements to Think About


• If you own a large dog, you may find it worthwhile investing in a lightweight clipper with a soft and/or ergonomic handle. With very large dogs you may need to clip the coat for an hour or longer, so having a comfortable tool is vital. Try the Andis Excel 2 Speed Clipper, which has a slim, ergonomic design and anti-slip soft-grip housing.


• If your dog is a little nervous of the clippers, invest in a tool that offers quiet running.


• If your dog has a thick coat, you may want to invest in a two-speed clipper, which will offer you extra drive to work through heavier areas of the coat more evenly.


• Consider where you will groom. If you are planning to groom your dog in the garden, garage, or somewhere that does not have access to main power, a cordless clipper is important. Try the Liveryman Classic Trimmer, which is cordless and powerful enough to complete a full clip on one battery charge.


• Invest in a clipper that uses interchangeable (sometimes known as universal) blades. This means your blade will be easy to attach and remove, and also means you can use clipper blades from various brands should you need to.


• Finally, it is also important to choose the correct blade for your dog’s coat type. This is easy to research online, or you could use one of our Clipping Guides.

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