Supplements for Competition Horses

Targeted nutritional support plays a vital part in gaining the best possible performance from your horse, as well as being an important element of general health management.

Here are some key supplements to consider during competition season:

Essential Salts

Salt licks should be available all year round, but during competition season it is especially vital to replace lost body salts. Consider employing electrolytes to provide your horse with all essential body salts (sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium and calcium).


Regular competition and travelling can easily affect your horse’s stress levels. Magnesium is known to help relax muscles and ease excitability and stress reactions. Try NAF’s Magic Supplement, which also features additional herbs and nutrients to support concentration.


Performance can increase the amount of iron your horse needs by up to 40%. Consider an iron supplement, ideally enriched with additional B vitamins to aid blood production.

Gastric Health Support

Adding supplements to support your horse’s digestive tract may be beneficial, especially if your horse suffers from stress related digestive problems. Consider supplements with probiotics, soluble fibre, aloe vera and/or sea buckthorn.

Joint Support

Employing a quality joint support supplement will help keep your horse sound and flexible. Try to find one with omega-3 and DHA, such as Groomers Equine Cod Liver Oil Supplement.

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