Introducing the GPS Pet Tracker

Our pets are members of the family, so if one goes missing it can be a very traumatic experience. There is now a new wave of GPS pet tracking devices available that offer security and peace of mind for pet owners, along with vital, useful assistance in the case of a missing pet.

The GPS Pet Tracker is an innovative tracking system designed specifically for pets. This clever device uses the same GPS (global positioning satellite) technology found in sat navs and smart phones to offer live tracking of pets in real time for immediate peace of mind. The Tracker can inform you of your pet’s location as often as needed, and will even give you directions to your pet’s location should you need them.

The small, ultra-lightweight device attaches easily to any existing collar, and is also waterproof, making it completely suitable for everyday use with most pets including cats. The Tracker also features a remotely controlled integrated light ideal for pets venturing outside after dark, and the device offers a full week of battery life, and fully recharges in two hours.

This Pet Tracker seamlessly integrates with free apps for iPhone and Android, allowing you to keep constantly updated on your pet’s whereabouts. This works throughout the U.K. and Europe, and you can even determine a virtual fence or safe zone around your house, and set up alerts if your pet ventures further away from home. The app also includes a pet manager facility, which allows you to manage important pet information such as vet appointments and vaccinations.

Find the GPS Pet Tracker here and try it for yourself.

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