Introducing Iv San Bernard

New to our 2014 catalogue is the Iv San Bernard range – a selection of ground-breaking liquid grooming products created specifically for professional groomers. Sourced directly from Italy, Iv San Bernard’s manta is hygiene = health = beauty. Iv San Bernard’s products are all formulated using simple, natural, high quality ingredients to create optimum results.

Iv San Bernard offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of liquid grooming products in the world, and Groomers will be offering 18 exciting new lines this March, including the following:

Red Mineral Derma Range

This range includes extracts of nettle and keratin, which work together to help build the quality of both hair and skin. Ideal for poor coats and unhealthy skin, the Derma range, containing both professional shampoo and conditioner, helps protect the follicles, and is Sodium Laureth Sulphate free.

Purifying Range

This range offers rich formulas containing argil clay to purify both skin and coat. Available either in a pre-treatment mask or as a shampoo, this range removes product residue (perfect for show dogs) and helps return both skin and coat to a natural, healthy state.

Atami Range

This luxury spa quality range features a shampoo and conditioner enriched with the delicate scent of white musk. The range offers an effective, low foam treatment that continues to work on the coat’s lipids a number of days after application, leaving coats soft, shiny and tangle free.

Everyday Range

The everyday range includes three shampoos and three conditioner designed for various coat types. Each product offers a gentle, mild cleanse, and is 90% biodegradable. Choose Lemon for short coats, Banana for medium/double-coated breeds or Green Apple for long or woolly coats.

Styling Range

Iv San Bernard also offer a number of innovative styling products, including pure Mink Oil ideal for adding deep condition and shine to any shampoo, Freeze It solution for super strong style hold without heaviness or tackiness, and the H270 Balancer Fluid, rich in vitamin E, jojoba oil, avocado oil and bamboo to protect against free radicals, condition, detangle and add volume and shine.

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