FURminator Brand Profile

FURminator offer some of the most sought after and popular de-shedding tools on the market. They have recently extended their range to include a variety of new professional quality tools for both canine and feline grooming.

Let’s look at some of the new range:

General Purpose Grooming Tools

FURminator have now developed an advanced line of brushes and combs developed for all coat types. These brushes, combs and rakes offer high quality results for each grooming stage, keeping hair healthy. This entire range also features ergonomic, anti-bacterial handles for added hygiene and comfort.

Furminator Firm and Soft Slickers
These slickers gently remove stubborn matts and tangles from all coats. Both slickers have an  innovative double sided brush head featuring straight pins on one side and angled pins on the other, along with a dual flex-head design that follows the animal’s natural contours for an incredibly effective groom.

Furminator Rake
This rake helps separate and untangle hair, as well as remove matts and loose undercoat. The rake features round, stainless steel pins that fully rotate to minimise skin irritation and tugging.

Furminator Finishing Comb
This comb helps detangle coats with ease. The comb features rounded, stainless steel pins that fully rotate to minimise tugging and eliminate skin irritation, and also has shaped lines to follow the animals contours closely for maximum effect.

Grooming Tools for Cats

Cats ingest up to two thirds of shed hair when they self-groom. This hair often becomes stuck in their digestive system, causing hairballs. FURminator tools decrease shedding by up to 90%, stopping fur balls before they develop, and will not damage delicate cat skin. They are an ideal addition to an professional cat grooming service.

FURminator for Cats
The FURminator tool for Cats is a multi-purpose shedding blade designed to thin and remove undercoat hair. The FURminator comfortably, safely and efficiently remove loose hair, helping to promote healthy skin and a shiny coat. This shedding tool includes a convenient push button to remove hair from the blade, and it features a textured handle for user comfort and control. This tool is available for both short and long haired cats.

My FURst Kitten Groomer
The My FURst Kitten Groomer pack offers a selection of useful tools designed for delicate kitten skin. The kit includes a soft slicker and a contoured comb for gentle, yet effective grooming, and both tools are interchangeable, with an easy to use push button attachment.

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