Festival of Grooming Speaker Profile: Danelle Murphy


Danelle’s Professional Background

Danelle began her career in 1999 when she founded the Cat Fanciers Association Bara cattery. During that time, she both produced and showed many National and Regional Award Winning Persians, completing her show career in 2005 with a premiership for her cat Chantilylace Groucho Marks. She subsequently retired from her show career to establish her exclusive feline spa and resort The Catty Shack, developing her standing as a true pioneer in the field of feline grooming.

Danelle Today

After regularly encountering frustrated groomers and disappointed owners, Danelle began to realise the need for quality training in the area of feline-grooming. In 2007 she founded the National Cat Grooming Institute of America, focusing her career on educating cat groomers and developing and upholding cat grooming standards. Danelle is also the author of three books on cat grooming, and is a regular contributor to Groomer to Groomer, as well as television shows including Animal Planet and features on the Discovery Channel.

Danelle’s Focus

Danelle has a wealth of knowledge across a wide variety of topics, but she offers a particular focus on the following:

  • Feline behaviour, including how to manage aggressive cats and methods for low risk cat grooming
  • Optimum grooming and handling techniques
  • Feline health and welfare management
  • Popular short trims and key attachment comb techniques
  • Practical elements of business and customer management
  • Building and developing a successful grooming business

Offered in an in-depth but easy to understand, practical fashion, Danelle’s tutorage is truly ground-breaking. Danelle will be our main speaker through the Festival of Grooming 2014, and her range of instructional cat grooming DVDs are available to purchase from Groomers now.

Find further details of this years’ Festival of Grooming here.

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