New Year’s Resolutions for the Horse Rider


1. Spend more time in the saddle. Getting out for a regular ride can be tough in winter, but finding more time to ride really is one of the most fulfilling way to spend time with your horse.

2. Learn more about horsemanship and riding. There are so many resources available to us now that being engaged in active horsemanship is easier than ever before. Try blogs, magazines or more formal training in order to discover new research, treatment techniques and more.

3. Clean your tack regularly. Clean tack looks better, is more comfortable for your horse, and will stay in good working condition for longer.

4. Do more groundwork. Studies show regular groundwork makes for a more relax horse and trainer, and garners a more positive, responsive animal. Try adding groundwork into your routine a few times a month.

5. Attend a horse clinic. This can help improve the relationship between you and your horse, and allows you to assess any holes you might have in your riding or training. Taking these skills forward can be very empowering, and well worth the time and effort.

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