Indoor Activity Ideas for Your Dog


Getting outside with your dog can be hard work in winter, especially with dark nights and our current spell of very wet weather conditions.  Keep your dog active through to spring by creating fun indoor activities for him to complete at home.

Here’s our selection of easy activities to break through winter boredom:

Create Obstacles

Obstacle and agility activities are an ideal way to keep pets healthy and active, both mentally and physically. Try creating jumps with two chairs and a broom, or if your dog is smaller try a rolled up towel or blanket. Use cushions to make hurdles, or dig out an old hula-hoop to create a ring jump.

Try Tunnels

You can create a tunnel for your dog out of anything from cardboard boxes (open at both ends) to a coffee table covered in an old blanket. Get your dog to sit at one end and then call him through (with a treat if needed).

Hide and Seek

Hide your pet’s favourite toy or a tasty treat, in boxes, under cups, or simply around the house. Make it easy for him initially by first letting him see where you have hidden things, and then gradually increase the difficulty of your hiding places.

Utilise Your Stairs

Use your stairs – they offer a great work out for your dog, and encourage him to use different muscles to a regular walk. Use treats to encourage your dog up and down the stairs – this game works best if there are two of you to practise recall at both top and bottom of the stairs.

Things to Consider

  • Make sure you remove any valuables out of harm’s way before starting any activities
  • Plan you activities according to space – ideally use the biggest room you have
  • Clear furniture out of the way so your dog can play freely
  • Consider your dog’s size when planning activities
  • Use old blankets, towels, cushions, never new/best items

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