How to Improve Your Dog Grooming Business this New Year


  1. Refresh your website. If your website is more than three or four years old, it is probably in need of a makeover. Websites date quickly, and as your website will now often be the first place potential customers discover you, it is vital that it looks good, is easy to use, and has all the information customers will need. Have photos of your salon online, and ask current customers if you can use before and after shots of your work on their pets. Make sure all photographs are in focus, and ensure you have an up to date price list and contact information available too.
  2. Network. Make a point of socialising professionally with other dog groomers in 2014. Ideally, you should try professional networking events, but even social networking with other grooming professionals can work wonders. Networking will allow you to discuss products, gain and share advice, and even find new employees and business opportunities.
  3. Hire new people. Hiring an employee or additional employees can really help your business grow. They can help you by doing some of the more humdrum tasks, so you can concentrate on growing your business. They will also bring with them new skills, experience and knowledge.
  4. Offer something for free. Try offering a free service such as a nail clipping for every customer in January and February. This will encourage loyalty and positivity toward your business, and could also teach the value of other grooming treatments that customers might not have tried before.
  5. Find new ways to promote your business. Why not try social networking to market your business – it is free, quick to set up, and can really improve your online reach. You could also look into advertising in local independent trade publications – these often go out to thousands of homes in your area, with low advertising costs. You could research listings in local search engines (try, or you could even start up your own blog. Blogs are a great way to promote your salon, and are ideal if you specialise in a certain field such as Bichon or cat grooming, for example.

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