Winter Horse Feed Supplements


Vitamin and mineral supplements are often more necessary in winter, especially if there is little grazing available, or your horse is more prone to winter ailments. Additional nutrition support can really benefit all equines during this season however, which is why we at Groomers Equestrian have created a list of winter health concerns and key feed supplements that can help.

  • Joint support through supplements such as cod liver oil will ease aches and pains, especially when turnout is limited during bad weather.
  • Digestive health can be an issue in winter, particularly if you are changing from grazing to haylage. Try a feed balancer such as NAF’s Pink Powder to optimise gut function.
  • Loss of condition is easy in winter when dark nights and adverse weather inhibit regular work. Try linseed oil to abate this in times of inactivity.
  • Mud fever is an issue for your vet, but you can also try a sulphur or mud fever specific supplement to help fight the bacteria internally.
  • Excess energy or stress from reduced turnout is easy to address with a calming supplement – anything with clay, yeast, valerian or B vitamins is a good place to start.
  • Respiratory stress can be an issue in winter due to indoor schooling and stabling. Ensure good ventilation and try supplementing with antioxidants to support lung function. You could also try NAF’s Kof Eze to soothe irritated throats.
  • General health is important with all horses at this time of year, so a broad-spectrum multi-vitamin that supports the metabolism is important to ensure you horse is getting all the nutrition he needs during the cold season.   

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