Top 10 Professional Development Tips for Dog Groomers

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As all professional dog groomers know, learning does not finish once you have completed your training. You are learning all the time, trying to better your skills and researching breeds that are unknown to you. No matter how comprehensive or thorough your study was, there is always room for professional development. To help you ensure that you are at the top of your game, we have created top ten list of useful ways all dog groomers can develop their skills. How many are you already doing?

  1. Visit seminars, workshops, shows and competitions regularly. Take notes, make drawings and ask questions when you attend.
  2. Subscribe to trade publications. This should include magazines from America, which is often the home of innovations in dog grooming. Groomer to Groomer and Pro Groomer are good publications to start with.
  3. Study breed standards and conformation and analyse how this knowledge could convert into practical dog grooming. Focus especially on unfamiliar breeds.
  4. Try competing. Competition grooming at dog shows will test your abilities and encourage you to enhance your skills. You will also gain invaluable constructive criticism.
  5. Learn visually through video demos. There is a wealth of DVD tutorials from the world’s leading grooming authorities available via Groomers.
  6. Gain an advanced qualification. You can study to attain a Higher Diploma in Dog Grooming through the British Dog Grooming Association, for example.
  7. Gain an additional qualification. First aid, animal behaviour or creative grooming are all additional areas of study.
  8. Network. Follow grooming blogs, and network with other professionals, both online and in person. Learn off your peers and newly qualified groomers – they might have new approaches or neat solutions to an old problem.
  9. Keep up-to-date with new developments in technology. Social networking and digital photography can enhance your business, but you should also consider new technological advancements in key grooming product areas too.
  10. Research your industry daily. Spend a little time each day researching the dog grooming industry. Look at new product developments, and stay current with local, national and international news.

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