How to Take Really Great Photos of Your Work

It’s a good idea to have photographic examples of your work, to use on your website, for marketing materials or you use as examples for new or unsure customers. It is however important to take a good quality picture for the true value of your work to shine through.

Here are our top ten tips for taking excellent photos of your work:

  1. Always use a flash – this helps with focusing and will fully illuminate the picture. Alternatively ensure there is a good amount of natural light in your salon when photographing your work.
  2. Ensure the dog is standing up so all your work is fully visible in the shot.
  3. Try taking shots from a number of different angles, including head shots and any details such as leg furnishings.
  4. Never include any shots that are out of focus!
  5. Try to take your photographs on a plain (ideally white) background. Busy backgrounds with people or equipment in them can distract from your work.
  6. Take high-resolution photos when possible – select this through the options on your camera or phone. High-res images look better on larger screens such as tablets or desktop computers, and can also be used for printed marketing materials.
  7. Have your camera to hand in the salon (with spare batteries if necessary), so you can always take a picture of a great groom.
  8. Take all pictures at dog level, e.g. at the table or on the floor. Try not to take pictures from above the dog, as this angle will not usually demonstrate your work effectively.
  9. Consider using a tripod if you plan to take a lot of shots – this is the best way to ensure your photos are consistent and should eliminate any blurry shots.
  10. Be careful to remove any red eye. Most basic photo editors have red-eye removal options – indeed, many phones and tablets have free downloadable apps to help you with this.

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