Finding a Kennel for Christmas

With the festive season now on the horizon, you might be planning a Christmas getaway, either to a winter wonderland or perhaps a break to the sun. A key undertaking when preparing for some time away however is to arrange suitable care for your pets, to ensure they are safe and happy while you are apart.

Finding a Good Kennel or Cattery

Ask family, friends, and your local vet for recommendations. Contact at least two or three kennels that seem suitable, and always visit the establishment before making a decision. You might also find it helpful to turn up unannounced at prospective kennels during opening hours. A good kennel owner will be happy to show you around the facility.

Things to Consider When You Visit:

When visiting any potential kennel/cattery facilities, ensure you consider the following:

  • Are the kennels clean and dry? Are they well ventilated?
  • Do the kennels seem secure and in good working order?
  • Are the staff friendly and experienced?
  • Do the animals in their care seem content?
  • Can they facilitate any special requirements your pet might have, such as medication or grooming needs?
  • If you have more than one pet, can they be housed together?
  • Do the animals have enough space to exercise, play and sleep in?
  • Do they have a valid license from the council, are they a member of the Pet Care Trust, and (ideally) do they have any veterinary references?

Once you are happy you have found the right kennel, make sure you book as early as possible, as good kennels are always busy. Finally, before your Christmas break, don’t forget to ensure that the kennel has all the necessary contact and veterinary details, and additional items such as a blanket or toy. Groomers have a wide range of fun festive toys for your pet, find them here.

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