Product Profile: Groomers Professional Cat Range


Cat grooming is a needed service, with many dog groomers experiencing a growing demand for the service. A professional cat grooming session is ideal for older or infirm cats who might find self-grooming difficult, and it is also important for long-haired cats, or those with skin conditions.

Offering a professional cat grooming service has many benefits – cats are lighter and smaller than dogs, and they are also quicker to groom, often needing only simple maintenance, de-matting and bathing. Additionally, there are no breed specific trims to learn with cat grooming, although the lion cut is popular with long-haired cat owners, especially in the summer months.

When grooming cats, however, it is important to ensure you use appropriate bathing and grooming products developed with cats in mind, as some canine formulations can be harmful to felines. In light of this, we at Groomers have now launched a new range exclusively for use with cats, formulated using cat-friendly ingredients. Scroll down to review the new products in this range:

Groomers Buttermilk Spa Wash Shampoo

This rich, indulgent shampoo features pure royal jelly to cleanse and enrich the coat with added shine. It also features a gentle formulation free from parabens and sulphates.

Groomers Buttermilk Spa Rinse Conditioner

The Buttermilk Spa Conditioner is a rich, hydrating formula, perfect for use with medium to long coats. Featuring pure cold-pressed evening primrose oil, this product helps keep fur silky, soft and tangle free, and can also help to reduce hairballs. Specially formulated with cat friendly ingredients, and pH balanced for feline skin.

Groomers Purrfect Shampoo

This mild shampoo helps to both cleanse and relax cats while bathing. This calming, pH balanced formula is enriched with a subtle lavender fragrance, and is free from parabens and sulphates.

Groomers Purrfect Detangling Grooming Spray

This new Detangling Grooming Spray features a gentle formula developed to assist with cat grooming. Ideal for long-haired cats, this water-based spray makes hair softer, smoother and more manageable, as well as helping to reduce hairballs and prevent against future tangles.

To view our entire professional cat bathing range, click here.

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