Autumn Pet Health Hints and Tips


Get your pet set for autumn! The changing of the seasons, complete with unsettled weather and temperatures, is challenging but exciting, and autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year to be outside with your dog. See below for our handy tips to help keep your pet happy and healthy as the seasons change.

Keep on top of flea control. While fleas are starting to slow down their activities outside, they can still be an issue throughout autumn and winter in our warm, centrally heated houses. Ensure you keep up to date with your pet’s flea treatments, and vacuum the house regularly to kill any larvae. You could also try the Groomers Ridasect Range to repel any remaining fleas from canine coats and from your home.

Stock up on winter grooming supplies. Now is the time to prepare for mud and rain. Groomers Quick Wash Waterless Shampoo is an ideal purchase for the car or utility room to help deal with soiled, smelly dogs quickly. You could also kit out your car with a towel to absorb any moisture on the drive home – try Groomers Aquasorb, which is made from super-absorbent microfibre. Coats are also getting thicker as they prepare for the cold months ahead, so ensure they are well brushed out to help keep you pet’s temperature regulated.

Destress your pet. Autumn can be an unsettling time, especially during Halloween and Bonfire Night, with fireworks and large crowds of people. There are plenty of poducts out there to help calm nerves, including herbal remedies and thunder jackets. We recommend Adaptil and Feliway as a way to help them feel more comfortable.

Watch out for mushrooms. Most mushrooms are non-toxic to dogs, but a limited few can cause anything from gastroenteritis to paralysis or even death. It can be difficult to identify which mushrooms are poisonous and which are safe, so it is best to keep your dog away from any area with lots of mushrooms. If you are concerned your dog may have ingested any fungi, contact your vet.

Watch out for harmful foods. Chocolate, raisins, sultanas, onions, avocado, alcohol, and macadamia nuts can all be hazardous to dogs, so ensure that surfaces and floors are kept clear of these items to avoid consumption.

Invest in a dog coat. Many dogs, especially heavy coated breeds, cope perfectly well with the cold weather and do not need to wear a coat.  If you own a smooth or single coated breed however, invest in a sensible, practical coat for your dog to wear during the autumn and winter months. A water resistant, lined coat with an adjustable bellyband is most suitable. Thermal coats and coats with removable linings are also useful.

Stay Safe in Low Light. As autumn progresses, walkies in the dark are highly likely, making pets easier to lose as the nights draw in. Ensure that your dog is micro-chipped and wears an ID tag whenever he is out of the house. Reflective collars are useful for locating pets in the undergrowth. You might also like to consider hi-visibility clothing for both you and a hi-vis collar for your dogs and cats, especially if you live in the countryside.

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