Creative Dog Grooming Ideas for Halloween


Why not turn your dog into a creature of the night with some creative grooming? With Halloween coming up on the calendar shortly, there are plenty of great opportunities to have some seasonal fun with your pet’s look. At Groomers, we have a wide range of creative grooming products to involve canine companions in the festivities, including new Warren London Critter Colour Dyes – the first dye approved by P.E.T.A with an ultra-safe vegan formulation. We also have new Pet Paint Stencil Kits in a variety of patterns, and these gorgeous Halloween-theme bows from Aria (right) are perfect for a festive finishing touch.

A Quick Guide to Creative Grooming

Creative grooming is a trend that originated in the US, using accessories, inventive clipping and dog-friendly dyes to creative interesting looks for our canine companions. Many UK grooming salons now offer creative grooming services such as setting patterns, stencilling and colour applications. There is a great amount of scope for highly creative designs, especially if you own a woolly-coated breed such as a Bichon or a Poodle.

Alternatively, there are a number of creative grooming products available for home use. Hair sprays, dyes and stencils are available, as are hair extensions, glitter gels and nail colour. Groomers even stock an instructional DVD on creative grooming from Master Groomer Dawn Omboy, find it here.

A Few Considerations when Creative Grooming:

  • Ensure that you only use products specifically designed for dogs when creative grooming. All creative grooming dyes stocked by Groomers are suitable for dogs and are non-toxic.
  • Always use disposable gloves when handling dyes.
  • Do not apply creative grooming products to the face, or around sensitive areas or broken skin.
  • Complete a strand test on a small area first, ideally on the lightest part of your dog’s coat.
  • Very light coats may require more than one wash to remove all colour. This excludes Top Performance Gel Dyes, which are semi-permanent and last 4-6 washes.

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  • Tj Bakewell

    We made our dog look like a little punkin at our local dog groomers! He looked so cute and he drew so much attention at our Halloween party (which he loved) – So much fun!