Autumn Clip Tips and Maintenance

Top Five Tips for the Perfect Clip

1. Decide on the style of clip required depending on the job the horse needs to do and how he is kept. A simple neck and chest may be sufficient for a horse in light work, living out, but a stabled horse with a full season of hunting ahead of him will probably need a hunter clip or a full clip.

2. Ensure you have a safe, dry place to clip with light and electricity. Use a circuit breaker if you are using a mains connection.

3. Use chalk to mark your clipping so you achieve even lines and shapes.

4. Keep the mane and tail out of the way with rubber bands and a tail bandage. Be careful when clipping along the neck not to remove any mane hair otherwise you will grow unsightly sprigs later on.

5. Clip in long, sweeping lines against the hair growth and overlap each stroke to avoid tramlines. Remember that on large areas you will achieve a better clip using fewer strokes.

Clipper Care

  • Oil your trimmers after use by placing a few drops of clipper oil between the upper and lower blades. Dab any excess oil away with a paper towel.
  • Brush out any clipped hair regularly with a soft toothbrush or paintbrush (many clippers also come with this brush included in the clipper pack).
  • Spray coolant periodically to keep the clippers from overheating.
  • Only clip a clean horse.

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