Hoof Health Dos and Don’ts



  • DO find a good farrier. A good farrier will help with anything from keeping hooves trimmed to tailoring shoes for the environment and work your horse is doing.
  • DON’T leave hoof care solely to your farrier. There is more to a healthy hoof than shoes.
  • DO pick your horse’s hooves out every day. Gently remove any debris, especially around the frog.
  • DO establish what is normal for your horse. Learn the texture, colour and even temperature of your horse’s hooves so you can easily identify any changes.
  • DO learn how to remove a shoe. Ask your farrier to teach you how to do this. Removing a sprung or shifted shoe can save unnecessary discomfort and hoof damage.
  • DON’T turn out into deep, muddy footing. This can encourage thrush, plus mud is hard on shoes.
  • DO clean out the stable daily. A clean, dry stable is vital for good hoof health.
  • DON’T forget to support hoof health from the inside. Find a supplement with zinc or biotin to boost hoof health.

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