Hints and Tips for the Self-Employed Groomer


  • Schedule working hours around your natural rhythms. If you are an early bird, why not open the salon at 7am? Choosing your own working hours is one of the privileges of being self-employed, and you will always be able to find customers to fit your working patterns too.
  • Ensure you give yourself plenty of breaks, and always make time for lunch. Try to leave the salon occasionally too, even if it is only for a 10-minute walk on your break.
  • Keep on top of your books, and consider hiring an account who is familiar with the needs of small businesses to help.
  • Always offer a consultation for new clients, as this will allow you to assess any risks before taking on larger or more difficult dogs.
  • Set regular hours and try to stick to your schedule. Try not to work out of hours too often – it is important to draw a line between work and home life.
  • Keep your workspace tidy as you go – no one else will clean it for you! This will save you time in the long-run, and will create a nicer environment for you and your clients.
  • Utilise a voicemail or answerphone service for phone enquires. Taking phone calls can distract you from your grooming if you work alone, so create a polite greeting message explaining your situation, and then allow a couple of allotted times every day to answer emails, return phone calls and book appointments.
  • Keep learning – it is important that you take control of your professional development. Try taking time out for seminars, online learning, or by taking additional modules at college.
  • Stay connected with other self-employed groomers. It can be lonely, so try to socialise with networking events or groups online. You could even try to get in touch with local freelance groomers and arrange monthly coffee mornings to discuss the pros and cons of your working lives.

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