Poodle Grooming Basics – Dos and Don’ts


When it comes to dog grooming, Poodles stand apart from all other breeds. To groom a Poodle is a challenge, but this breed also offers professional groomers the opportunity to really test their creative and technical skills.

Here are our grooming dos and don’ts when working on Poodle coats:

Poodle Grooming Dos

  • Do use a detangling solution when combing and brushing, especially around any matts and tangles. Try Groomers Groom and Detangle for this
  • Do consider a pre bath clip – this will help you get rid of any spilt ends, and will give you less to wash
  • Do experiment with clips. If the owner is happy, why not try out different styles, such as the continental clip, the lamb cut or the Dutch cut
  • Do default to clean feet unless otherwise specified by the owner – this is standard for Poodles. Also ensure you clip the nails as close as safely possible
  • Do use an antistatic spray while brushing to keep the coat under control – try Groomers Revitalize Spray here
  • Do check your work from all angles at the end of the groom for all-over quality and symmetry

Poodle Grooming Don’ts

  • Don’t leave clipper or scissor marks – ensure the coat is smooth and even
  • Don’t skimp on conditioner. Poodle coats are prone to tangles and also dry out quickly – replenish the coat with a generous helping of Groomers Tropical Cream
  • Don’t be afraid to mess with convention – try rounded feet, or don’t include pompoms in your final groom, for example. Just ensure the owner is happy for their dog to sport a non-traditional clip
  • Don’t forget to educate the owners. Most Poodle owners understand the importance of grooming for their breed, but remember to reiterate any regular tasks they should do at home, and forward any hints or tips to them too

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