Express Your Style: Key Finishing Products for the Professional Groomer


Styling products are vital for any professional groomer. They add choice and versatility to your grooming, helping to give coats a more polished look, and can provide that added “wow factor” at the end of a grooming session. They can even help resolve problems experienced with finishing work and with difficult coat types.

Check out our list below for key finishing products to add texture, hold, volume and shine: 

  • Gels. Gels are ideal for defining eyebrows and whiskers, and can help frame eyes and build furnishings. They can also add firmness and texture to soft coats for a structured, “messy” look. Try Groomers Flow Coat Styling Gel for defining the shape and texture of West Highland Terrier heads, and for wiry Terriers with boxy head shapes.
  • Holding sprays. Choose a flexible hold spray for building and styling the coat or a strong hold spray for fixing styles once in place. Apply Groomers InStyle Spray wet or dry to accentuate and define.
  • Conditioning and detangling treatments. Leave-in conditioners and detangle sprays are lighter than traditional conditioners and are very quick to apply. Try our Evening Primrose Oil Conditioning Spray for lifting odours and soothing irritable skin conditions – ideal for quick, targeted treatments.
  • Volumisers. Volumisers can come in the form of mousses, creams or sprays, and help to emphasise the shape and flow of the coat. As well as building the hair shaft so it appears thicker, volumising products can offer a better texture for scissoring. Try Groomers Volumactive Styler Cream for added body and control with fine, sparse coats.
  • Coat Shine Sprays. These add a high degree of shine and help to accentuate coat colour. Many also offer light conditioning and added texture. Try Groomers Crystal Gleam for incredible shine and a super-soft coat texture.

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