Asian Fusion Style Grooming


Asian fusion style grooming is a new trend that is lighting up the grooming industry here in the UK. Championed by Pamela Carmicheal Hogg, Asian fusion style grooming techniques take traditional methods and breed standard trims from the UK and combine them with the dynamic, adventurous and sometimes quirky grooming trends currently emerging from Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Pure Asian grooming styles, especially those originating from Japan can tend to be a little extreme for our British tastes, but they are very creative, and an excellent challenge of skill and technique. However, by fusing this innovative style of grooming with our more traditional techniques, UK groomers can offer owners something a little different, with more fun and less of the restrictions that breed standard clips can hold.

What is Typical in Asian Fusion Style Grooming?

This style of grooming is generally suited to small and Toy dog breeds, ideally with long or woolly coats. Typical characteristics include:

  • Short, round faces and muzzles
  • Round ears set high on the head
  • Pronounced and/or rounded tails
  • Rounded, volumised trousers and leg furnishings
  • Frequent adornments such as ribbons
  • A nod to multi-layered cutting and creative colour work

The most important emphasis with Asian fusion style grooming, however, is on cute yet manageable styles that owners want. The popular teddy bear cut is a great example of this, find our guide on completing this type of clip here:


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