Webinars – An Introduction for Dog Groomers


What are Webinars?

Webinars are video seminars available to view online. Some are published live at a dedicated time, but most are pre-recorded to access whenever. They are often free to use, or available with low subscription costs. There are also often discussion boards attached to the webinar, providing a space to ask questions and gain feedback from lecturers and peers.

Why are Webinars Useful for Dog Groomers?

Webinars are an ideal way for dog groomers to enhance their skills and develop professionally. Firstly – they are incredibly flexible and cost effective, as there is no need to travel, and you can participate outside of working hours at a time that suits you.  They also offer quick results, helping you to develop new skills and/or acquire new knowledge in quick one to two hour sessions. Finally, they are very easy to use – all you need is a computer, tablet or even a smart-phone to access the content. You can also save, bookmark and archive resources to refer to at a later date.

What Topics are Covered?

A huge variety of topics are available right now for dog groomers to access online, including:

  • Groomer wellbeing
  • Animal behaviour
  • Creative grooming techniques
  • How to start a mobile grooming salon
  • Managing finances from a professional groomers perspective
  • Dealing with customer ignorance
  • Cat grooming
  • Coping with behavioural problems

There are also a number of webinars available from key industry names such as Barbara Bird and Melissa Verplank, and a various breed specific seminars as well.

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