Aromatherapy Techniques for the Grooming Salon

How can Professional Groomers Utilise Essential Oils?

Essential oils are ideal for any groomers offering spa-type treatments. Try adding a few drops of oil into a spa bath, or add some to a neutral smelling shampoo to boost its therapeutic qualities. You could also use a diffuser in your salon to help soothe both you and your clients, or you could combine aromatherapy with canine massage. Check out The Complete Dog Massage Manual for more details on this.

What Oils Can I Use?

There are number of oils that are safe to use with canines, which can help with a variety of issues from stress to kennel cough. Certain dogs react better to certain oils, however, so it is a good idea to introduce each oil to your canine client before use. Doggy noses are very sensitive (50 x more sensitive than our own), so they may dislike certain scents. Offer a consultation beforehand if possible for new clients.

Useful oils include:

  • Lavender which well-known to relax canines, and is suitable for general use
  • Cardamom is antibacterial, and can help with coughs and nausea
  • Fennel can help break down toxins
  • Spearmint can help with nausea and stomach upset


  • Essential oils can cause allergic reactions in both people and dogs, so do not use neat. Always mix in a suitable carrier oil.
  • Keep oils away from sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose and mouth.
  • Do not use oils on pregnant bitches.
  • Check whether the dog is on any medication, as essential oils can react with certain medicines.
  • Do not combine aromatherapy with cat grooming. Cats are very sensitive to essential oils, many of which can cause them liver and kidney damage.

Groomers recommends you seek professional training in canine aromatherapy before practising this service at your salon. Alternatively, why not try Groomers Aromatherapy range, featuring mint and lavender essential oils, pre-diluted for safe and easy use. Our Aromatherapy Shampoo and Fragrance Spray help deodorise and freshen the coat, and they both have a soothing, calming fragrance ideal for nervous or veteran dogs. To view our Aromatherapy range, click here.

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