Student Groomers – Everything You Need to Get Started

Services and Student Days

We offer student groomers 10% off a wide variety of selected products. Contact your learning establishment for an authorisation code so we can apply your discount upon checkout. Additionally, once you have graduated we will continue to support you by automatically adding you to our loyalty programme, where you can make further savings.

We also frequently hold college open days, where students can visit our showroom and attend seminars on product use. Topics include how to set and tension a blade, scissor care, shampoo formulas (what product for which coat), and best usage of grooming tables and blaster dryers.

At our college days, you will receive a welcome pack with a number of useful freebies. Lunch is on us, and will receive 10% off purchases made on the day. To arrange a college session with us, your course leader should make contact via our sales email address (

Products for Student Groomers

  • Packages: We have a selection of packages developed in conjunction with lectures and professional groomers to introduce and guide new students to the best product available for their needs. Our Start-Up Groomers Package features numerous products to cover a whole host of grooming requirements, both in the classroom and in the salon. We also offer smaller accessories kits for additional supplies, along with more focused product packs, such as our Shampoo Starter Kit, which offers a selection of popular Groomers product for you to try, and our Clipper Blade Maintenance Kit, which provides everything you need to keep blades healthy.
  • Education: At Groomers, we offer one of the best selections of educational materials in the industry, with over 30 titles in our range. Especially ideal for students are titles by Melissa Verplank. Notes from the Grooming Table is a standard text covering in great detail the grooming needs of over 130 breeds, and Theory of 5 focuses of key areas of dog grooming – the head, body, ears, feet and tail. We also offer detailed guides on canine structure and terminology, with vital technical information for the student groomer.
  • Tools of the Trade: We carry a diverse range of indispensable equipment perfect for students, including a variety of scissor kits featuring key shears such as thinners and bull nosed scissors, from renowned professional makes such as Roseline and Geib. We also stock a variety of clipper and trimmer packs such as the Andis Clipper Kit, which features everything needed for tailored clipping, including guide combs and a wide selection of blades.

We now have a new student selection online, filled with products designed to help with your studies. To view our student section, click here.

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