Groomers Team Riders – Abbie’s Diary

April 2013

In April I went to Belgium to a show called Lanaken (Zangershide). I went with four horses – Cornetta 10, Valentino VII, Olympia III and Astral 57 – and had many placings, despite there being between 160 and 180 competitors in each class! Included in these results was a fourth place in the 3* 1.45m World Ranking class with Valentino on the final day. This was Olympia and Astral’s first proper show back (and my first big show with Astral) so I was very pleased to pick up placings in the 1.35m – 1.45m classes with them too!

After Lanaken we went to a show called Villers Vicomte in France with the same four horses. I could only compete three, so I chose Valentino VII, Astral 57 and Olympia III, giving Cornetta 10 a rest before Chantilly. I was placed in almost every class here, with Valentino fifth in the big class on the first day and third in the Grand Prix the final day. The competition was very fast there so it was a good learning curve for me.

Next we went to Chantilly where I competed Valentino VII, Astral 57 and Cornetta 10. Again, the competition here was very fast – I was sixth in the Grand Prix with Valentino VII, which I was very pleased with as they were hurdling fences like it was the Grand National! I also picked up some lower placings including ninth in the 1.40m with Cornetta 10 and a fifth in the 1.35m with Astral 57.

When we got home we went to Chepstow 2* with Astral 57, Cornetta 10 and Olympia 3, again picking up placings. These included a forth and an eighth with Astral 57, a tenth with Cornetta 10 in the big class, as well as a 5th and an 8th with Olympia III.

Next up was Royal Windsor, where I competed Lancelot TN, Valentino VII and Olympia III. Olympia III was forth in the main class of the day on the first day and Valentino won the A&B class the third day.

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