Groomer Wellbeing: Common Concerns and Solutions


Back and Lumber Support

A lumber support is a useful investment for the professional dog groomer. A good lumbar belt provides support to core muscles when standing for long periods, as well as supporting the body under heavy strain such as lifting. A lumbar support belt can also relieve back pain and prevent a build-up of muscle tension.

Leg Support

Anti-fatigue floor mats are a worthwhile investment. Standing still for long periods can become very uncomfortable, especially for your legs and feet. Hard, non-carpeted salon floors can further exacerbate the problem. Anti-fatigue mats absorb some of the impact and pressure placed on your body when standing. They can also help to improve circulation, and boost performance and efficiency by making you feel better. Place an anti-fatigue floor mat alongside the bath, table, and anywhere else you stand regularly.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Caused by a build-up of fluid and pressure inside the hand, this can cause pain, numbness, burning or tingling in the hands and fingers. Repetitive work, injuries or family history can exacerbate the issue. If you are concerned about carpel tunnel, or are suffering from wrist pain that is related to your work, you may find it worthwhile investing in a wrist support. In addition, do not let your hands adjust to uncomfortable tools, and try to vary your grip and the type of tools you use through the day.

Hand Protection

Working with chemicals, pesticides, sanitisers and detergents all day can affect the skin on your hands, making it irritated and cracked. Try Bee ProtX, a hand cream that features a rich formula that is water and chemical resistant, to protect hands and heal cracks.

Exposure to Zoonomic Parasites and Disease

As a professional groomer, you may at some point encounter fleas, mange, staph infections and ringworm. It is therefore vital that you use a high quality steriliser for your equipment at the end of each day, as well as after any problem dogs. To view our wide range of sterilising solutions, click here.

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