Top 5 Salon Organisation Ideas

1.     Organise Your Inventory. Keep products to hand, and keep them well organised – ideally by type, e.g. keep colour enhancers, conditioners, styling products and items for sensitive skin grouped together. Also, try to ensure you display them in a visually appealing way. Stack shampoos with the labels facing outward and visible – this helps customers see what product you are using, and it could be a good opening for some potential retail sales.

2.     Consolidate Your Suppliers. Try to use just one or two suppliers for the majority of your stock. This will allow you to keep track of your orders and estimated delivery times. You can also schedule in times to re-order or enquire about stock according to opening hours.

3.     Have a Banking Day. Keep aside a day a week to do all your necessary banking and finance chores. Use the time to pay in cheques and sort petty cash at the bank, plus you can use the time to pay any outstanding invoices or any other day to day accounting tasks.

4.     Use Quality Equipment Storage. Scissors pouches are a vital accessory, as they allow you to keep important equipment on your person when grooming, and they also allow you to keep scissors safe and organised. Salon trolleys are also a worthwhile investment, allowing you to keep all the equipment you need to hand throughout the day.

5.     Schedule Equipment Servicing. Equipment such as dryers and clippers need servicing and maintenance to ensure good working order. Schedule a time in your diary to have items serviced. Try to arrange it if you can to coincide with some annual leave, or alternatively have a back-up machine to use in such instances.

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