Top 10 Tips for Effective Fly Control

  1. Stable your horse if possible at dawn and dusk when flies (especially midges) are most active.
  2. Place screens across stable windows and doors.
  3. Eradicate standing water from your horse’s field if possible, and give any marsh or lake land a wide berth when out hacking.
  4. Clear any manure heaps or rotting vegetation daily, and keep them well away from your horse’s stable.
  5. Use overhead fans inside the stable –this will deter midges who are too weak to fly in breezes.
  6. Offer shelter for your horse when turned out – whether this comes naturally from trees or from a field shelter. Many horses use shelters more in the summer to get away from flies who tend to prefer full sun.
  7. Protect sensitive areas directly – apply an oil-based formula for lasting protection.
  8. Spray your horse’s stable walls with insecticide and put up fly papers to discourage insects from lingering.
  9. Test a variety of repellents to discover what is most effective for you and your horse. There are a wide variety available, including sprays, creams, leg wraps, tags and bands.
  10. Try a garlic oil feed supplement. Various studies have shown that the sweat produced by horses fed with a garlic oil supplement contains an odour that can repel flies and biting insects.


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