Top 10 Advertising Ideas for Grooming Salons

Here at Groomers, we have some fantastic proposals for you on dog grooming advertising ideas. 

So, how do dog groomers get clients? 

You will need a good advertisement to ensure you are attracting the right customers for your salon. Making sure that your grooming advertisement is effective as well as economical is vital to help drive customers to your business. Here at Groomers, we have a range of top tips to help you create a successful and smart advertisement campaign.

How do I advertise my dog grooming business?

See below for our top 10 dog grooming advertising ideas:
  1.     Always have business cards. Business cards are a vital element of professional advertising. Always have a few to hand in your bag, and keep some on your desk or by the till in your salon so that you are able to easily distribute
  2.     Consider cross promotion. Collaborate with a related local business on events, giveaways, contests and sponsorship. You could also add links on your website to businesses that might be useful to your customers, and ask them to link back to your website in return.
  3.     Try direct mail. This method allows you to easily target potential customers in your local area. Offer an attractive, eye-catching flyer with clear information to introduce new customers to your business. You could even include a discount for any new customers who bring in a flyer, allowing you to assess how effective this form of advertising is for your business.
  4.  Use social media. Social media is a huge advantage for advertising your grooming business such as: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Share relevant photos and use the # to get people talking about your business.
  5.     Use Google Maps. Set up a Google Maps listing for your business. Google consistently ranks its own Maps page at the top of most search results, so registering with this service could really boost your visibility online. Go to for more details.
  6.     Advertise on your vehicle. This is an easy way to advertise your business, and ideal if you already have a company vehicle. If not, try printing a removable window sticker for the back of your own car so that you’re easily recognised.
  7.     Offer a referral discount. Offer current clients a discount for anyone who recommends your services. This method helps encourage word of mouth referrals.
  8.     Keep your website up to date. Ensure your website is modern, attractive and has all the information customers might need. A dated website or worse having no website at all can reflect badly on your business, and stops new clients from discovering your services.
  9.     Advertise in your local paper. This is a great way to reach new customers in your local area. If you can afford it, use colour advertising as this is always more eye-catching.
  10.   Try sending greetings cards. This nice gesture instils good will in your clients. It also works as good advertising, as people display cards for weeks in their homes. Try cards at Christmas, Easter or birthdays, and ensure you sign the card with your salon name, e.g. “Love from Julie at Bow Wow Dog Grooming”.

With advertising, effort and presentation is as important as the money that you spend. Ensure your salon “brand” is memorable, attractive and professional – keep designs, colours and fonts consistent throughout, and keep important information such as contact details and prices accurate at all times. Always be prepared and willing to answer questions to make sure that your business is an approachable and helpful space for any potential customers.

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